outer space
Anonymous: Who's against you two anyways? Fuck them, your happiness is what counts.

thank you. this makes me happy. 

my girl

I like this girl so fucking much and I don’t even care how much shit I get for this. I haven’t felt like this with someone and it is such a different feeling than anything else I’ve ever felt and knowing she feels the exact same way is just so extremely reassuring. I don’t have to worry about anything and hearing her voice makes every problem go away in my life. seeing her makes everything okay. she makes life worth it and as cheesy as that is, it’s true. I can get up in the mornings and have a purpose and that is just what I need. I need her. people can say whatever they want and talk all they want but it’s never going to affect us. because we know what we have and what we have is all we need. she’s my girl and I’m hers.




No one knows how I feel.